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Compostable Packaging


Why Compostable?
First and foremost, we care about providing a solid base to a great cup of coffee. Not far behind that is our drive to seek out the most sustainable packaging options available. The Compostable UpShot single-serve capsule encompasses all of the above. It’s landfill free, sustainable and leaves a positive footprint on the environment all while offering a packaging option that is affordable and paramount to contenders in the current market. 

Compostable UpShot Innovation
The Compostable UpShot brews an incomparable cup of coffee. Not only does the capsule hold up to 13g, but the design encourages a higher water to coffee ratio, preserving flavor notes and giving you an extraction like no other single-serve cup available. The average TDS ratings of the compostable UpShot measure 25% higher than your standard K-cup. The compostable UpShot meets all ASTM standards of composability, but most importantly, goes beyond our standards for an incredible cup of coffee.

Made out of a Bamboo Resin and corn-based PLA material, the compostable capsule and lidding film can withstand the pressure and heat of your single-serve brewer, but still compost down to natural matter at your local Composting Facility within 90 days. The make-up of the capsule is activated to break down by the presence of microorganisms and heat. With the proper storage, these capsules have a shelf life of 12-15 months.

Compostable Bags & Labels
We also offer a compostable bag that will keep your product environmentally conscious from front to back. Tested for over two years, these compostable bags hold up and keep product just as effectively as your standard laminate or foil barrier bags. They are made of 60% renewable wood pulp and this portion of the bag is ASTM certified to disintegrate in a proper compost within 84 days. The remaining 40% of the bag’s makeup is biodegradable and will break down over the course of 5-10 years, thus lessening landfill buildup and waste as compared to your standard Polyethylene material bag.

The icing on the cake: ASTM certified compostable labels that break down into natural matter within 16 weeks in a professional compost environment. These labels are made of a corn-based PLA material and water-based inks. Our turn-key compostable packaging will give your product line the edge you’re looking for. At the end of the day, all you're left with is a caffeine buzz and a clean conscience.

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