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Stand Out On The Shelf

You make your coffee taste great. We’re here to make it look great. We provide branding options on a wide range of packaging, including custom boxes, resealable bags and more. Sustainability is a priority for us, and low minimums help you to be able to get what you need to get your brand noticed.

Custom Filter Lidding

Our filter lidding seals in the freshness and aroma of your coffee. Customize it with your logo to make a statement with cups of coffee made.

Custom Resealable Stand-Up Bags

Resealable stand-up bags are perfect for easy storage and can encase whole bean, ground and single-serve cups. Customize your bags with a label designed with your brand in mind.

Custom Retail Boxes

Build up your image with custom boxes created for your specific brand that will stand out on a retail shelf. These boxes can be your creation, or we can help you execute your vision with our in-house design packages.

Fractional Packs

Customize your portion pack and stick pack film with your own branding. Fractional packs are perfect for hospitality, around the office or as promotional pieces.

Custom Flow Wrap

Flow Wrap packaging surrounds each filter individually and protects the coffee from oxygen, moisture and UV light. Flow Wrap can be custom printed with your logo to showcase your brand. Out filters and Flow Wrap packaging are 100% recyclable, making them the superior choice in eco-friendly packaging.

Build Your Brand

As the single-serve market grows, so does the competition. Stand out from the pack with your own personalized packaging. We offer graphic design services to help build your brand from the ground up. Whether you're looking for branding from concept to shelf, or already have an existing brand you want built out, we can help. With custom design packages that vary from label design to full retail carton and die cut layouts, we have the flexibility to fit your needs.


From 2005 to 2011, awareness of single-serve systems grew 14%.

More At-Home Brewers

As of 2014, 25% of U.S coffee drinkers regularly use a single-cup brewing system.

2 Cups Per Day

Those who drink coffee prepared with a single-cup system drink 2.2 cups per day on average.

Find out how Pro-Line can help establish your company in the single-serve market today.

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