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Eco-friendly Coffee Packaging

What is the UpShot™ Solution?

Pro-Line is proud to be a co-packing partner with UpShot™ Solution, the superior, eco-friendly packing single-serve option. We exclusively use their products to provide sustainable packing to customers around the globe.

Our line of single-serve filters hold up to 13 grams of coffee to ensure the optimal water to coffee ratio. The mesh filter allows customers to see and smell the freshness the moment they open the package.

The innovative design creates more points of contact between the water and coffee, creating a better extraction that allows for blooming flavor notes in every cup. All our filters are compatible with Keurig 2.0 and most other popular single-serve brewers.

Our Recyclable UpShot is made from 100% Polypropylene and is fully recyclable. Simply brew, then place the entire capsule - grounds, lidding and all - in your recycling bin.

Our Compostable UpShot is made from Bamboo Resin and Corn-Based PLA material. It meets all ASTM standards of compostability and will break down into natural matter within 90 days in your local composting facility. Combined with unparalleled quality, between the UpShot™ Solution Recyclable and the newest Compostable version, you have access to the most innovative single-serve products on the market.

  • The UpShot filters accommodate up to 13g, giving you more opportunity to let the true flavors extract perfectly with each brew, unlike other single-serve cups on the market.
  • Unique mesh design allows consumers to see and smell their coffee, tea or cocoa from the moment they open the seal. This design also allows for significantly more water to coffee contact.

From 2005 to 2011, awareness of single-serve systems grew 14%.

More At-Home Brewers

As of 2014, 25% of U.S coffee drinkers regularly use a single-cup brewing system.

2 Cups Per Day

Those who drink coffee prepared with a single-cup system drink 2.2 cups per day on average.

Find out how Pro-Line can help establish your company in the single-serve market today.

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Why We Use it Exclusively

Why use anything but the best?

When choosing a single serve option that suits your company, the UpShot Solution™ outshines the competition by providing the highest quality of extraction and the highest amount of coffee per capsule in the current market. Paired with unique specialty coffees, there is no better choice for any Roaster or consumer.

Looking for a packaging option for your tea, cappuccino or cocoa? The UpShot can do it all! Give us a call to see, smell and taste the difference today.


  • Sustainability
    Both the filters are eco-friendly k-cup alternatives that help us enjoy the convenience of single-serve with less environmental impact 
  • 100% Scalability
    Scale up or down in response to marketplace conditions
  • 100% Control
    Monitor product quality and roast variety
  • Endless Flexibility
    Roasting & packing options for low or high volume needs
  • Royalty-Free
    Greater profit potential and margin opportunity
  • Aroma
    Can see and smell their favorite coffees or teas from the moment they open the Fresh Seal
  • Compatibility
    The filters are compatible with most single-serve brewers currently on the market
  • Multiple Outer Packaging Options
    Fresh seal outer packaging is determined by the needs of the customer and the equipment used in the manufacturing process

How the Upshot Filter Works

Compatible with Keurig® and other single-serve brewer

The fresh seal Surrounds the UpShot Filter and protects coffee from oxygen, moisture and UV light.
  • Lidding Film
    Locks in Freshness
  • Water
    Flows into the filter and through the roast.
  • Filter
    Accommodates up to 13g for your ideal single-serve roast
  • Sidewall Mesh
    Offers multiple points of contact for water and grind, creating a better brew.
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